TRUMPED: Donald Makes Louisiana’s Democratic Governor Look Like An ASS

Published on August 20, 2016

Obama-Clinton visited Donors, seeking money. Trump visited Louisiana, bringing relief.

His critics were cynical. Even the governor called the planned visit a photo op. Media mocked the “exactly 49 seconds of ‘helping out'”. Headlines took similar digs.

And then he showed up.

With an eighteen-wheeler full of supplies. See whether the recipients thought it was a “photo op”.

When interviewed, a local pastor described the donation as “a significant investment in the community”. “Huge” because many of the local people lost everything.

Obama was on vacation, sinking putts and dodging water hazards. Hillary was ‘resting’ somewhere.

And Trump met with people in a State of Emergency. Do you think the people noticed? See for yourself:

Doesn’t look like THEY thought it was “just a photo op”.

Share if America needs leadership that will meet with CITIZENS, not DONORS when the Sh*t hits the fan.

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