‘UNEDUCATED MONKEYS’: MMA Bad Ass BLASTS Islam In Epic Rant – GUESS What ‘Social Media’ Did To Him?

It’s NOT an “Islamophobic” rant. He’s Muslim too!

Entrepreneur. Martial artist. Trains boxing champ Amir Khan. Muslim. And he says throw the bums out!

Facebook Screenshots

Tam Khan FB 1

If you don’t respect Britain’s culture and traditions, you should get thrown out. So says Tam Khan.

Tam Khan FB 2

“We need to fix this epidemic of inbreds from doing these despicable crimes,” he told his 6,000 Facebook followers.

“Sorry I don’t care if you think I’m being harsh.

“Islam is a beautiful religion, but these uneducated monkeys misinterpret things and feel they are acting on God’s behalf and it’s only getting worse.”

Shocker: that statement landed him in ‘Facebook jail’. His account was closed. They called it a “mistake.” (Probably AFTER they learned he was Muslim.)

Tam Khan FB 3

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