WATCH: Bernie Backers Say, ‘Dems Don’t Give A FLYIN’ F–K About Them!’ – Look Who They’re TURNING To

Published on August 7, 2016

Psst –CNN! Since you like reporting on “party disunity” you might want to report on a Bernie story you “missed!”

Hillary’s message is “stronger together”. It turns out “Stronger together” is yet another Hillary lie. One that even Democrats have stopped buying.

Maybe she imagines herself “the uniter” defending the people from some sort of movie monster. That’s how she talks. But that’s a long way from what everyone else sees.

Far from being a “uniter”, in her march for power-at-all-costs, Hillary has burned some bridges. Important ones.

Like the Bernie Supporters. A lot of Bernie supporters have given up all hope of changing it from the inside. Like rats from a sinking ship, they’re bailing on the DNC.

YahNé Ndgo, former Bernie-or-Buster said the following at the Green Party Convention:

“Are you going to try to go inside there and reform this [Democratic] Party, that has demonstrated in every way, with every opportunity, that they really do not give a flying f**k about what it is you care about?” “And for me, that’s not a hard decision.”

“We saw what happened through the whole primary process. We saw what the Democratic Party did to the incredible candidacy that Bernie Sanders brought to the table and we saw what the Democratic Party did to the voters who selected Bernie, and who they blocked, and who they put someone else in that position who was not the person that the majority of the people selected, and who have experiencing no consequences to that reality. Right?”

“So then there has to be a question, are you going to try to go inside there and reform this Party?”
Source: Daily Headlines

(Hillary had better watch her back, because if this woman’s speech is any indication, the Green Party is attracting the kind of radical activists the DNC would usually count on to play her party’s ground game. It’s easy to lose count of how many times she invokes the phrase “white supremacist”.

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