WATCH: Black Lives Matter Idiot, Standing In MIDDLE Of The Road, Gets PLOWED!

Published on August 10, 2016

No WONDER BLM protesters don’t like the police. What they REALLY want is MOB “justice”…

Protesters were milling around on the side of a busy road. That’s not a problem.

Some of them were actually milling about ON the road. That’s a problem. Not only is it inconsiderate, and unlawful. It’s simply unsafe.

It’s where one protester was standing well out on the road when struck by passing traffic.

Ferguson spokesman Jeff Small told the newspaper the woman driver was being “very, very cooperative” with police and did not appear to intentionally hit the protester.

“By all accounts, her version of what happened seems to fit the version of what happened to a person driving down a busy West Florissant Avenue and not seeing a person standing there,” Small said.

And while thought to be an apparent accident, the woman almost paid for it with her life as her car was pockmarked with bullet holes.

Did you see that? Bullet holes in the driver’s car.

That means:

1) One of these “peaceful” protesters was carrying a gun (wouldn’t you LOVE to know if he was doing so LAWFULLY?)

2) The “protester” drew that weapon and attempted to murder the driver of the car

3) The “protester” assumed the role of judge, jury, executioner — the EXACT thing they accuse the police of doing

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