WATCH: Newt Just BLASTED The Dust Off Old Hillary – Do YOU Agree?

Published on August 2, 2016

Newt showed up on TV. Answered the Big Question that Networks aren’t asking (but should be).

There is a lot of TV talk about who said what and owes which apology to whom. But guess who’s getting a pass on that conversation?

Of course! The networks’ darling: Hillary Clinton.

Should Trump apologize? That was the question. He answered it, and then Newt hit back: Shouldn’t Hillary?

Trump would be better off apologizing to the Khans, Gingrich noted, and getting the incident behind him “but he’s a stubborn guy” and has a point. Khan “went to a political convention and said some very nasty things” about the Republican presidential nominee, Gingrich said.

“So, Trump’s stubborn. But Trump didn’t delete 33,000 emails,” Gingrich argued. “Trump didn’t send out secret information. Trump didn’t lie about the FBI. Hillary did all that stuff.”

“The number of things the news media could be excited by if they were willing to take this race seriously is unbelievable,” he said. “But the only thing the elite media wants to do is go after Donald Trump.”

Read the rest: Bizpac

Newt even told us who Hillary owes an apology to: the whole country.

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