WATCH: NFL Champ DESTROYS Cry Baby Kaepernick, Beyonce & Black Lives Matter

Published on August 29, 2016

Looks like being a whiny baby isn’t exactly paying off for Kaepernick. He’s getting slapped down left and right.

He, and a whole lot of race-baiting lemmings with him. If that’s you, get an ice pack ready, because this is gonna leave a mark.

Watch Burgess Owens here:

Funny how the person so upset about race got fined $11,000 for using the n-word.

So, Kaepernick is trying to put a brave face on it. Watch a report on Kaepernick’s defiance here:

He’s going to continue to ‘stand with people who are being oppressed’? Like those who convert away from Islam in Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan? Like Coptics in Egypt? Or gays in Iran? Like anyone who opposes the state in China? Political dissidents in Russia? Like Israelis who have Hamas planning to drive them into the sea?

No worries! Kaepernick just got a new endorsement deal. A product that he can REALLY be the public face of. Check it out:

kaepernick meme

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