WATCH: Obama Says, ‘I’m Pretty Tired Of Certain People Trash Talking America’s Military’

Published on August 1, 2016

Obama tries to leverage the media frenzy about Trump vs Kahn.

He tries to talk like a patriot. (Notice the word he stammers on.)

Addressing an audience for “Disabled American Veterans Convention”, Obama tries to cast Trump as “trash talking the military.”

He hasn’t ACTUALLY been trash talking the military. He’s been trying to poison the public’s attitude toward Trump. (This is what you have to do when your message sucks.)

Allahpundit puts it in perspective:

Convince a working-class voter that the other candidate is unpatriotic and there’s a fair chance his disgust will put his vote in play for you. That was the point of the Democratic convention. Convince him that the candidate is unpatriotic while that candidate is criticizing a fallen soldier’s mother and you’ve potentially struck electoral gold. Obama’s doing his part here.

One could argue that “trash-talking” the troops does less damage to them than letting them die on VA wait lists, neglecting readiness for their units, and sending them into harm’s way year after year in an aimless war in Afghanistan. But that might be unpatriotic.

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