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WATCH: What OBAMA’S Doctor Said About Hillary Will Make You SCREAM Like A Spider Monkey

Obama’s own doctor weighs in on the health of both candidates. One of them needs their head checked. Did you guess the right one?

First, there was Obama’s doctor:

Next, Watch Paul Joseph Watson’s video editorial as he breaks down what we know so far:

Did you notice that, even though he leans Democrat in his politics, he thinks Hillary should have the same sort of follow up that NFL players get after serious concussions?

He raised concerns that there may be cognitive impairment as a result of her injuries, of the sort we see in some athletes.

The key thing here is that despite reports of [resolution] of symptoms by the athletes, we still saw that nearly 40% of the concussed athletes showed significant deficits in their neuropsychiatric testing,” Tanzid Shams, leader of the study from Columbia University, told MedPage Today at the American Neurological Association’s annual meeting.

“And this is important because an athlete can report resolution of symptoms, but they still may have lingering cognitive deficits, and the key thing we have to watch out for is that someone doesn’t get a second or a third concussion during the time that they are vulnerable.”
Tramatic Brain Injury

Share if you think it’s important for voters to know whether Hillary has a concussion or other serious impairment that could make her already bad judgment WORSE.

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