WATCH: Top Hillary Cheerleader REFUSES 3 Times To Confirm She’s HONEST!

Published on August 17, 2016

When your even your friends don’t trust you, you’ve got “issues”.

She was given three — THREE! — chances to reframe her answer into something that put Hillary in a better light. But the cheerleader (Maggie Hassan) just couldn’t do it.

Watch Hassan’s interview with CNN here:

From Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s page Kelly for NH:

“Governor Hassan has consistently refused to answer simple questions and give straight answers to voters about where she stands,” said spokeswoman Liz Johnson. “This interview is just the latest proof that Hassan will not be an independent voice for New Hampshire, because she is more concerned with staying on script than being upfront with voters.”

And what will the networks do with this exchange? Use it to decry how shady Hillary is? How the email server issue is a bigger than the MSM has been letting on?

Of COURSE not!

If current trends continue, what could we expect? Here’s one possible outcome:

So you see, one of Hillary’s disciples publicly denied her three times. Did you see that?You know what means, right? Peter denied Jesus three times.

Therefore Hillary is OBVIOUSLY Just Like Jesus. (vote Hillary!)

Is this an exaggeration? Yes, but only slightly… because these sycophants are so difficult to parody.

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