WOW: App Developer POLLS 100k People About 2016 Election – Results Are WAY Different Than CNN’S

Published on August 14, 2016

Could the polls be wrong? WAY wrong? ONE App developer thinks so. Here’s why:

A smartphone app developer claims that his data suggests Donald Trump could win the 2016 presidential election, despite a majority of opinion polls pointing at rival Hillary Clinton as the winner.
Ric Militi, co-founder of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons, claims data from his app, Zip Question and Answer, points to Trump as the clear winner.
His app poses poll-based questions and reveals the responses to its on-average 100,000 daily users.

Screenshots from Zip App:
Zip screenshots

Here’s why he thinks their numbers are more realistic than the polls:

We’re not a poll. We’re a conversation, and 100% anonymous,’ Militi told USA Today. ‘People feel comfortable answering questions without fear of being bullied or being called a racist. People can express themselves safely, and you get a pure answer.’

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