WOW: Guess How Many TRUMP Averages At Rallies COMPARED To Hillary!

Published on August 26, 2016

If you had any question about WHO has momentum, this says it all.

Remember when Hillary had to fill her rally in a gym with high school students?

Or the time she held a rally in a half-empty shoebox?

Through August 25th, Trump has held 29 campaign events in August with an estimated 168,000 participants. Clinton on the other hand has held only 11 campaign events attended by an estimated paltry 10,000.

Trump averages 5,800 people per event in August while Clinton averages less than 1,000.

Overall, month to date, Trump held nearly 3 times the number of events than that of Hillary Clinton and 16 times the number of participants. Clinton held 5 of her 11 events in high school gyms which in many cases were half empty while Trump held his events in arenas and other large facilities with at least 7 of his events (Columbus, Harrisburg, Ashburn, Wilmington, Abingdon, West Bend, and Akron) having reported overflow crowds.
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Does a collective yawn by the public NORMALLY translate into a smashing success at the ballot box?

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