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WTF: The Radical Muslim Journal HILLARY’S Chick Huma WORKED For Is A Wee Bit Anti-Semitic

SHOCKING: The top pick for a Hillary Administration’s White House Chief of Staff worked for an anti-Semitic Muslim Journal.

One article, published during Huma Abedin’s tenure, claimed that many Americans have a ‘distorted and negative view’ of Islam, Muslims and Arabs – ranging from perceptions of ‘poverty, filth, the desert’ to ideas that ‘their ‘sport’ (other than sex, of course) is to destabilize Western economies and ruin the world in order to master it’.

The piece from 1999 also alleges that there are deep ties between the upper echelons of U.S. politics and pro-Israeli, Jewish-Americans, suggesting that Jewish people have been able to ‘work the system’ and are ‘greatly aided by the American memory of the Holocaust’ and Israel serving as America’s ally in the Middle East.
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From the article written by Michael W. Suleiman, Kansas State University professor (died in 2010):

…’Within the US, pro-Israeli support has been strong among Jewish Americans, whereas Muslim and Arab Americans (another ethnic community) have sympathized with the Palestinians…’

‘However, Jewish Americans have had a distinct advantage over Muslims and Arabs in the US in that they are better organized, more committed, more united, and generally far better adept at working the American political system of presidential democracy.

‘In this they have been greatly aided by the American memory of the Holocaust, the use of Israel as an American ‘strategic ally’ in the Middle East, as well as by the active missionary zeal and political support of Christian Zionists.’

So, Huma Abedin, was working for this journal for YEARS, some of it while on Hillary’s staff.

The journal has printed articles about how Jewish Americans have ‘worked the system’ into politics.

Hmmm… did anyone get a statement from Huma’s Jewish Politician hubby Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger on this?

It’s also published all sorts of anti-feminist, anti-LGBT pieces, which is awkward as those are the things that Hillary insists she stands for in her platform.

CNN statement on the story: ‘Ho-hum. Nothing to see here.’

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