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BOOM: Rep. Jason Chaffetz BLOWS UP At the FBI (VIDEO)

The Oversight and Government Reform Committee is meeting to discuss the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails and private server that resulted in no charges.

The FBI handled Hillary’s emails and private servers in a way that left LOTS of questions.

The HOGR Committee has LOTS and LOTS of questions.

And the Chair, Rep. Chaffetz, has some slams, too…

Chaffetz starts off strong:

Rep. Jason Chaffetz schools the FBI acting Assistant Director for Congressional Affairs, Jason Herring:

Rep. Chaffetz: This is how our government works. We get to do oversight. That’s why since 1814 this committee has been doing that. Here, let me help you. There’s Executive Privilege. Has the President invoked Executive Privilege in this case?

Herring: No.

Chaffetz: The answer is ‘no’, good. That’s right, the answer is no. Is there any other situation?

Herring: Look, when it comes to Classified information, and the classification that deals in the executive order, not all the information in our files belongs to us, we defer to other agencies when it comes to access to their classified information.

Chaffetz: But you are the ones that put redactions on personal, identifiable information, correct?

Herring: We did on the personal, identifiable information, that’s correct.

Chaffetz: Where in the Constitution does it say that I can’t see that?

Herring: Doesn’t address it specifically in the Constitution.

Chaffetz: So, can you cite any legal case, any precedent that says that Congress cannot look at personal, identifiable information?

Herring: I cannot cite any legal case.

…And it just gets better from there.

Truly, it is a thing of beauty.

Watch here:

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