BRAINWASHED: How The Left Uses ‘HIGH FASHION’ To Indoctrinate Our DAUGHTERS.

Published on September 3, 2016

The Indoctrination of Our Daughters………
By: Angelina Turner

ClashDaily Guest Columnist

Allie is my Goddaughter. The beautiful feminine athletic brilliant daughter of my college roommate. She grew up in the best mid-western conservative home with 2 brothers, God and an overabundance of love. Her father a successful self-made businessman is a die hard “Reagan Republican”. Upon graduating with academic honors Allie received a scholarship to an elite private college and that is where we lost her………

Much to the shock and disappointment of her parents their Pro2A, Prolife, fiscally conservatively taught daughter returned home a full blown, man hating, Lena Dunham loving liberal with…. ARMPIT HAIR!

We, as conservative Republicans, need to ask ourselves some extremely serious questions. Beginning with, How did we lose Allie? When does the indoctrination of our daughters, begin ? And can we get our “Allies” back?? 

First, it is no secret that the mainstream media is owned by the left. It is nothing more than a propaganda machine for corrupt Hillary Clinton as it has been for Barack Obama. But really what young adult girls are watching mainstream political news? The answer, Not many. The way the liberals are brainwashing our daughters is actually way more sophisticated, as being disguised and hidden……….

Perplexed as to how this is happening, I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and I was completely in disbelief to read that Cosmopolitan magazine was openly endorsing Wendy Davis. And I discovered that Cosmopolitan (herein after, also known as, Cosmo), is owned, and edited by the Hearst Family (yes think the infamous Patty) the family is named in Forbes Magazine as being the 9th richest family in the United States.

So as I began to search past articles and content it became clear the entire magazine was nothing but the liberal agenda woven into fashion, makeup and sex. I honestly lost count as to how many times Lena Dunham, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton were mentioned in Cosmo as the coolest, most fashion forward, amazing women ever.

hillary effect

Michelle Obama Glamour

The DNC abortion bragger was featured in Cosmopolitan.

Even more discerning the Hearst conglomerate also owns and publishes the following: Seventeen, Teen, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Marie Claire, Redbook and Oprah.

All with content straight from the Democratic playbook, that women are victims, men are villains. A strategy we know all too well, as they used it successfully to defeat Romney in ’12 remember “binders of women”. Fortunately, 4 years later we finally have a candidate that doesn’t roll over, grovel and apologize when the media falsely accuses him of being sexist and racist. These typical Democratic tactics have been unsuccessful on Donald Trump with the majority of women because he fearlessly fights back against their lies. As we see so many women like myself supporting and campaigning for Trump that younger demographic of girls are still clinging to the Hillary narrative that you need to vote with your vagina. 

Another way liberals are corrupting our daughters is through entertainment and music. Who could forget where Obama went after lying to America and making a traitorous apology video with Hillary to the enemy that slaughtered our 4 heroes in Benghazi?

While the murderers celebrated, burned Our Nations Flag, Obama flew to Vegas to be with Beyoncé. A Celebrated singer, heaping more praise on her, as a role model for his daughters (might explain some recent behaviors, just saying). As Beyoncé makes music about the myth that America is racist and our brave policemen are evil, our daughters are listening. When Taylor Swift (I know so disappointing) features Lena Dunham is her music video and endorses Hillary Clinton, our daughters are listening.

Lastly and most obvious is the large number of liberal professors teaching our daughters. The poster child for crazy liberal professor we saw at Mizzou this year.

mizzou protest

You remember the one freaking out because the cry baby generation needed their safe places. Embarrassing when you consider our young brave soldiers are off fighting in Afghanistan. A perfect example my oldest son, a college freshman, his professor modeled a persuasive paper to the class using Trump’s campaign promise that he will build a wall to stop the illegal immigration to protect our country. Of course she argued for open borders and amnesty despite the fact that so many have lost their loved ones due to illegals murdering American. As well as that the knowledge that our enemy is infiltrating us and people the breaking the law by coming here illegally get full benefits while our veterans cannot get healthcare at the VA and are often homeless. Another liberal educator trying to influence their students politically. 

Knowledge for us is power. If your daughter is leaving for college talk to her about the liberal agenda. Teach her to think for herself and be strong in their faith and convictions. And always surround her with like-minded friends. 

As for Allie you can find her wearing her Birkenstocks, driving her Prius with the Hillary sticker…….

angela turner






Angelina Reagan Turner is a freelance conservative political writer and the special needs education director at 25 Acres LLC. She is the mother of 2 sons, lives in the Midwest and is a huge Trump supporter.




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