BREAKING: Hillary’s CT Scan Images MELT The Internet – VERY Troubling

Published on September 14, 2016

We’re not medical professionals, but if YOUR CT Scan looked like this, you’d be VERY worried. That just doesn’t look normal…

See for yourself:

They went looking for a brain. Found this instead.

Maybe this explains her ‘mystery condition’? It certainly explains why her policies tend to fail… especially those foreign policies.

Most people we know would have a scan that looked more traditional.
Maybe it’s a ‘Progressive thing’ and we just ‘wouldn’t understand’.

One of the more concerning features is all the empty space in there.

Obviously, it has diminished in mass over time.

Leading theories suggest that every time she opens her mouth, some comes out, and it gets smaller.

Share if this confirms the theory you always had about what’s really in her head.

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