BREAKING: ISIS Names Their ‘Enemy Number ONE’ And WHY They Chose This Person

Published on September 2, 2016

Really? After trying to ‘Play Nice’ with them for so long? Maybe NOW he’ll see them as a credible threat?

Looks like it’s time to blow the dust of THIS little piece of history:


Yes, you guessed it. According to their magazine, the POPE himself is ISIS’s New Public Enemy Number One.

It turns out kissing Islam’s ass wasn’t enough to appease them.

They’re more interested in OTHER issues.

It says: “We hate you, first and foremost, because you don’t believe in Allah.

“We hate you because your secular and liberal societies allow the things that Allah has forbidden.”

The pamphlet continues to vilify the religion and encourages attacks on moderate Sufis as they “initiate Christians”.
Pamela Geller

So, their problem isn’t that he’s kissed THEIR ass — they’re all for that. (Dhimmitude, after all.) They’re not happy that he is building bridges with the gaystapo.

If anyone still thinks they’re really just interested in living quietly as neighbors? First, you are ignorant of Islam’s expectation that at the close of history, their book says even trees will call out to warn that there is a Jew hiding behind it, and faithful Muslims should kill him.

Second, they’ve given a helpful little video showing what they would like to see happen with Europe.

If you think that’s the private view of a few extremists, you might want to watch another post and see if you still feel the same way — (if YouTube hasn’t already pulled it).

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