Published on September 22, 2016

Remember that legal action that Hillary was trying to run out the clock on? The judge made a decision she’s NOT going to like.

A frustrated federal judge ordered the State Department to begin producing within five days hundreds of documents on whether required or recommended security training, briefings or courses were completed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides.

Judge Richard Leon ruled Tuesday in favor of The Daily Caller News Foundation by rejecting the State Department’s motion to dismiss TheDCNF’s Freedom of Information Act lawsuit concerning production of the documents originally sought under the Freedom of Information Act. But he also denied TheDCNF’s request to depose State Department officials.
–Daily Caller

If you’ll remember, she’s been filing for extensions, due to illness and campaign schedules. But the judge wasn’t having it.

No documents were produced, and the judge said he would order depositions of State Department officials to help get to the bottom of the matter. The order demanded a release of one-third of the 400 documents by Sept. 26 and the remainder of them by Oct. 10.The State Department has not been able to produce any documents confirming that Clinton and her top assistants attended security meetings on how to handle classified information properly and how to conduct secure communications.

Bradley Moss, an attorney representing The Daily Caller, said, “Judge Leon’s Order made clear his frustration with the State Department’s continued obstruction of the FOIA process. State will either meet his deadline or face the consequences of failure.”

Leon has indicated the time sensitivity of the release of the documents, saying they should be released before the November election. He understands that it’s important for the public to know if Clinton and her aides attended these meetings. If they didn’t attend those meetings, it’s equally important for the public to know why.
Conseravative Tribune

Could it be that even with the corruption and partisanship in the current administration, she’s running out of people to cover for her?

Maybe that explains the ANGRY video where the masked slipped a little and we got to see ‘Diva’ Hillary act entitled to the White House.

We’re really not sure whether she’ll be needing a stiff drink, an Ambien, or a handful of antacids after this news. She’s going to need something. But whatever the case, it can’t be helping whatever it was that shook her eye loose in that creepy video.

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