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BREAKING: Major, #NeverTrump Talk Show Host, Is NOW Voting For TRUMP

This is BIG. This guy was NOT a fan of Trump … AT ALL. But, last night, he told his massive radio following what finally made him come around.

Mark Levin made the big announcement Tuesday night on his radio show after methodically walking listeners through his rationale…

…Levin then listed his critiques of Trump one by one. From his behavioral antics during the GOP primary to his lack of understanding when it comes to the Constitution and limited government, from his massive spending increase for infrastructure to his protectionist trade policies, and more.

It wasn’t all bad for Trump, however, as Levin later spoke positively about his tax plan, his positions on immigration, law enforcement, and foreign policy. Levin did offer a common and recurring disclaimer: Trump is NOT reliable…

…Before getting to Trump, Levin had plenty to say about Hillary Clinton. In short – she is far too dangerously liberal to allow anywhere near the Oval Office.
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Listen to Levin’s SHOCKING turnaround here:

You can respect Levin as a man of principle. He was looking for something specific for a Republican candidate. That didn’t pan out. He didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away. He waited to see what Trump’s campaign would look like.

And when it came down to a choice between two candidates?

He’s supporting Trump.

His story is not going to be much different from many others slow to come around… so long as the Trump Superfans don’t burn those bridges first.

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