BREAKING: Trump Invites Bill Clinton’s EX-MISTRESS To Sit In Front Row During The DEBATE


If this was a game of one-upmanship, Hillary just lost. Big-time!

Was ‘angry Hillary’ trying to rattle Trump by putting a ‘plant’ on the front row as a distraction? Was this such a good idea, in hindsight?

The Republican nominee made the threat on Twitter Saturday afternoon after billionaire Mark Cuban, who supports Hillary Clinton, said he had received a front-row seat to the event.

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‘If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!’ Trump wrote.

Flowers replied promptly and said Saturday afternoon she had agreed to join Monday’s debate.

Remember Flowers? Hillary does.

Here’s CNN’s account of the details:

Clinton had a well-known reputation for womanizing. Right before the New Hampshire primary, a supermarket tabloid called The Star broke a story about Gennifer Flowers, who worked for the state of Arkansas and had been a cabaret dancer. Flowers said she had engaged in a 12-year sexual relationship with Clinton. The two had met in the 1970s when she was a local reporter.

The story was based on legal documents from a lawsuit that a former state employee had filed against Clinton in which he claimed that the governor had used state resources for a series of affairs. The Star reportedly paid Flowers over $100,000 to confirm the story.

At first, some in the media ignored the story given the outlet that published the first take. “This is what I think of the story,” said the executive producer of CBS News, before throwing the tabloid in the garbage.
But soon he had to take another look. Within five days, the feeding frenzy was in full swing and everyone wanted to know more about Flowers.

Hillary Clinton staunchly defended her husband. She told reporters “It’s not true” and then added: “We just have to trust the American voter to make up his or her mind.”

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