BUSTED: Check Out What Hillary Was WEARING During Last PM’s Presidential Forum?

Published on September 8, 2016

Well NOW her ‘short-circuited’ excuse makes TOTAL sense. Maybe that’s the one time she wasn’t lying!

We gave Hillary hell for saying she short-circuited. It seemed like such a dumb excuse at the time.

Maybe she meant the earpiece short-circuited, and she had nobody feeding her lines.

Obama’s teleprompter was famous. Even had it’s own twitter account.

And Hillary? Hillary has an earpiece. Those email leaks are coming in handy again.

James Woods is having fun with this:


The REAL question is — if we’re not hearing Hillary’s words…? Who’s words are we REALLY hearing?

George Soros, or a hand-picked proxy?


BLM activists?

Someone from CNN or NY Times?

Maybe it’s one of THESE guys?

Who knows?

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