CONFIRMED: What Hillary’s DOCTORS Said About Her Health PROVES Our Suspicions

Published on September 3, 2016

‘Hillary’s health isn’t an issue,’ they said. ‘It’s all a conspiracy,’ they said. Now THIS comes out. What will ‘THEY’ say next?

Hillary can’t remember things, she’s falling, having weird seizures and laughs at inappropriate times.

Numerous folks have weighed in on Hillary’s health, including Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Of course, it didn’t go so well for Dr. Drew, and just one week later, the network went in a new direction and his show was canceled. (It could have been much worse!)

Even Bill was commenting on her health.

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ClashDaily reported on the FBI releasing the interview notes after much pressure, and what’s in them is SHOCKING.

Hillary hasn’t released a full medical report. There are some real questions about her health, specifically relating to her concussion and the blood clot she had in her head and whether that has been an ongoing issue for her.

‘In her own words, she says she is unfit to be President.’ – Alex Jones

Watch Alex Jones dissect the new revelations from the FBI interview:

If someone is running for the highest office in the land, surely voters need ALL the information.

Hillary’s complete health records need to be released!

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