DEAR CHELSEA: What You Just Called Trump, Your Dad OWNS In Spades

Published on September 9, 2016

Campaign organizers must be thinking: please stop ‘helping’ us, Chelsea.

“I would hope that everyone could see that as the sad, misogynistic, sexist rhetoric that I’d hoped we’d moved beyond in the 21st century, certainly in 2016,” she said Wednesday while campaigning for her mother in Carlisle, PA.,

This was Chelsea Clinton’s first appearance on the campaign trail since giving birth to her second child in June. If she plans on helping out the Clinton campaign in the remaining weeks before Election Day, she might want to think about the paradox of her statements. Bizpac Review



But don’t worry. Hillary cares about women. So much that she sent the ‘heard and believed’ statement she made about rape victims to wherever her emails go when she’s done with them.

Don’t worry. She CARES about women. They are a very important voting block in her blind pursuit of power. She had a whole Bimbo eruptions plan in place when women came out of the woodwork.

To sum up… her dad has a track record with women that would make Bill Cosby cringe.

And she’s pointing a finger at Trump.


Does ANY Clinton tell the truth?

Share if Chelsea’s statement backfires by shining a light on Bill and Hillary’s mistreatment of victimized women.

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