DEAR GOP: This Is WHY We Lose – We Don’t UNDERSTAND The Left’s ‘Game’

Published on September 11, 2016

by: Jeffrey Varasano

Clash Daily Guest Columnist


Republicans think that the battle with the left is over issues like these:

Personal Responsibility
Pork Barrel Spending
War & Peace
Civil Rights
The Environment

(But)… these are debated WITHIN a constitutional system. This is the game on the surface. The left is playing on a different level. They are not debating policy within the system, they are trying to alter the system itself.

The REAL game is a list of issues about the system itself.

This second list shows a much deeper level of understanding of the left and its’ tactics – a reality that many on the center-right won’t name or acknowledge. The right mocks the left because they can’t call Islamic Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism, and then we turn around and won’t use the correct words to label leftism.

These issues are not what’s debated in the mainstream media, but what leftist activists debate and study among themselves.

How many of these terms are elected republicans familiar with? Not just a dictionary definition. If I asked republican officials to explain these terms and what they mean to the left and how this affects their strategy and tactics and how they relate to one another, could these officials do so without further research?

Cultural Marxism, Marcuse & The Frankfurt School
Hegemony (Patriarchy, White Privilege, Gender, etc)
Critical Theory
Critical Race Theory
Liberation from Oppression
Liberation Theology
Structural Functionalism – Systems of Oppression
Social Construct
Political Correctness
Social Justice – Food Justice, environmental Justice, etc.
Antonio Gramsci
Social Constructs
Agenda 21 – Sustainability
Moral Relativism
Hegel & the Dialectic / Dialectic materialism
Scientific socialism
Long March thru the Institutions

For example, Gay marriage appears to be an issue of Civil rights – an end in and of itself. But actually to the hard left, it’s an issue of Critical Theory and Social Justice. Not an end, but a tactic of attack against the foundations of the Republic.

Few republicans could explain what I just said. They just haven’t studied Marxist tactics enough to know. It’s filled with jargon, front groups, front issues.

So, no I don’t blame Trump for not knowing this. I think dozens of friends of mine on Facebook could answer a quiz on the above topics better than EVERY elected republican in congress.

But whereas they all cave to it, Trump instinctively fights back. Not intellectually, but on a gut level that he’s on the right side.”