DEAR OBAMA: Would This Obese BLACK Chick’s Outfit Be Considered – RACIST?

Published on September 19, 2016

There are several problems with this outfit. We will try to catalogue them all. The biggest one will surprise you!

What the Hell are we even looking at here?


Where to start?

Is someone so overweight that we dare not ‘assume’ a gender really dumb enough to pick an outifit that actually makes (him/her) look HEAVIER? Just to prove they’re a douche/beeyatch? Well … obviously, yes.

Is that person so dumb that EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing is the same pattern?

What is this supposed to be … Campus Camouflage???

You couldn’t have made you point with a Tshirt or a jacket like your average schmuck with an opinion?

You could point out the problem with word order and grammar. Those particular three words can either be used as a racial epithet or — by moving the verb to the end — a statement of biological fact.

But the obvious problem is that if you were to remove the words ‘white people’ and replace it with any other people group, you would be declaring yourself a small minded, misanthropic, poorly-educated bigot.

If you wore such an outfit (with the words swapped out) in some neighborhoods, you’d count yourself lucky if you left with your teeth in a baggie.

But white people? It’s OK to hate them. It’s celebrated to drink deeply of that hate. And then, vote for Hillary, right? Even if she’s white? Because … reasons?

The biggest problem with that outfit is not the obvious racism or the pride with which racism is openly celebrated.

It’s not even the deliberate dehumanizing of one group of people which has the inescapable consequence of causing it to eventually be treated without human decency and civility. If they can be demonized as ‘other’, there no need to seek agreement or mutual respect.

Calls like Louis Farrakhan’s ‘kill 10,000 white people’, or Al Sharpton’s speech from back in the day when he called out tough talkers who hadn’t killed a ‘pig’ will fall on far more receptive ears if they believe white people are genuinely less than human. Rhetoric is where such beliefs are born.

And still, that’s only the second worst problem.

The biggest problem is that it externalizes people’s problems… which ultimately makes them powerless. It makes even the person wearing the outfit a bitter victim who has no power to change his or her own life.

If they truly believed they had the power to affect the outcome of their own life, to take charge, and blaze whatever trail and whatever future they wanted because dammit… THIS IS AMERICA! They would not NEED a scapegoat for their problems.

The would not NEED a Democratic party to hold their hand, to tell them that someone else is what’s wrong with the world and that Big Government will MAKE them PAY for whatever sins left them in an unhappy situation — whatever that looks like for them.

If they believed there was HOPE that THEY could be the CHANGE in THEIR OWN Life, they wouldn’t need a scapegoat

Or a rescuer.

Or a hundred other things they turn to for forgetting their own unhappy lot in life.

Soon enough, voters like them would no longer be an unthinking power source powering the Democratic ‘Matrix’… propelling a few rich and powerful oligarchs into a lifestyle the rest of us could scarcely imagine.

Like in the movie ‘The Matrix’, they’d take the ‘RED Pill’. They’d Wake up.

They’d Stop being ‘Indentured Vote Slaves‘.

They’d take charge of their lives.

And best of all, they’d turn their back on the Democrat lie of victimhood. Forever.

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