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DEAR PARENTS: School FORCES Kids To Honor BLACK Radical Cop Haters – Are YOU Cool With This?

Nothing like having kids as pawns for a political agenda, right Leftists? Check the latest crap sandwich being fed to the kids.

SEATTLE — At John Muir Elementary, teachers plan to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts in class next Friday.

Marjorie Lamarre teaches third grade and says she has a responsibility to show that she cares.

“To be silent would be almost unforgiveable, and I think we have been silent for almost too long,” said Lamarre.

Teacher Jennifer Whitney came up with the idea to make t-shirts that read: “Black Lives Matter, We Stand Together” with the schools name included.

Whitney wants to start conversations about race, and why they see people of color dealing with incarceration rates that are too high and college graduation rates that are too low.

“It is part of the oppression, the systemic oppression that continues on,” said Whitney.

It’s sad to see an education system that has so grievously failed the very people charged with providing one to the next generation.

What EXACTLY is lost on these teachers? Is it the NON-PARTISAN requirements of their job description?

You WILL notice they said ‘EVERYONE’ on their staff was ‘on board’, right? Do they have NOBODY who disagrees with reprogramming the kids minds to suit their agendas? We’ve had governments do that before, especially in the 20th century. It want VERY BADLY.

It’s possible some teachers DID disagree with the idea but were concerned about job security, advancement and the dangerous and unfalsifiable label of ‘bigot’ if they didn’t play along.

Maybe — this is, you know completely out of left field — maybe the could actually EDUCATE the students instead of indoctrinating them?

Are the teachers ignorant or willfully blind to the false premises these claims are based on? Why is oppression assumed to be the only possible explanation for the problems described? Not… say… Fatherlessness, for example?

They must assume, then, that Thomas Sowell is racist for saying the root causes for these issues have stem from something OTHER than Oppression and Racism? (Try this one, for example. The title alone will make Liberal heads explode… especially since the author is Black!) His own humble beginnings were not so different than many other inner city kids. How did he escape being ‘oppressed’?

Hey teachers: have you so little to do in the classroom, and so much spare time that you can busy yourselves by micromanaging children that aren’t your own? Wouldn’t you be first in line to complain if a CONSERVATIVE cause (say… ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ t-shirts to pick a random example) were endorsed by a school?

Of course! Becuase your job is to EDUCATE. Not Indoctrinate.

Hey, John Muir Elementary: Don’t you realize people have sued for less?

Let’s let the stats speak for themselves. The story byline says Washington. So, supposing they mean the local Elementary school by that name, here are some interesting stats:


Oops. Maybe if they weren’t so busy meddling with the kids, their rankings might not be falling.

They ‘think they might get some pushback’. They will also be inviting some community leaders (non-partian, right?). Oh REALLY? Well, in case any of this information is of use to you:


Ball’s in YOUR court.

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