DEAR PATRIOTS: If Hillary Wins – Will A BLOODY Revolution Follow?

Published on September 16, 2016

Are we THAT near the precipice, can the ship of state still be turned around to avoid such a fate?

They pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to give us America.

The scare headline on the Leftist site that passed this video along used words like ‘unhinged rant’ to describe what the Governor of Kentucky had to say.

He was passionate, certainly. But ‘unhinged’? See for yourself.


He was concerned that Hillary will lead us down a road to tyranny.

Tyranny has a specific, known American response, if liberty is to be preserved.

He addressed it. He didn’t know if it was in this generation, or some undefined future.

His concern was that inaction on our part today will force that hand.

Watch for yourself, and see if you took the same meaning we did.

Is it unhinged to think so? What do YOU think?

Share if you think we need to safeguard liberty NOW if we want to avoid that scenario some time in the future.