DEAR RIOTERS: Black Mom & Lover KILLED Her 6yr. Son – What Time Is Your ‘PROTEST?’

Published on September 28, 2016

Paging ‘Black Lives Matter’… Should New York prep for a ‘protest’, or does that only happen when there is a Police Officer involved?

This is really shocking:

Zymere Perkins was rushed to hospital on Monday after reportedly being found unconscious at his home in Harlem, New York with bruises to his body – but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

Mother, Geraldine Perkins, and her boyfriend, Rysheim Smith, were arrested last night on charges of acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Their arraignments were pending but murder charges are expected to be filed against one of them after the city’s medical examiner’s office determines how the child died, police sources said.

The young mom has been the subject of five child abuse investigations but was cleared of wrongdoing, according to ABC 7.

However sources close to the case said Geraldine told police that Smith, 42, was the one who dealt the deadly blows to Zymere.

Police said they received an alarming call from the boy’s apartment at 2.20pm on Monday with the caller telling the operator that the boy was unconscious.

Before waiting for the ambulance the mother, carrying the boy, hailed a cab and went to a hospital.

Neighbors told ABC 7 that they had not seen Perkins for days before Monday and said there were no tell-tale signs the boy was suffering from domestic abuse.

‘She walked out with the child in her arms,’ neighbor Chauncey Brown said. ‘And the child, the body was lifeless. So I don’t know whether he was alive and she was trying to get him some help. I don’t know.’
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Watch the ABC 7 News report:

That poor child. His life was cut short and there will be temporary outrage, but nothing compared to what happened in Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee or Charlotte.

Will Black Lives Matter be there to constantly remind everyone about Zymere Perkins?

Probably not.

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