DEAR VOTER: Do You Think Hillary Has The STAMINA To Be President?

Published on September 16, 2016

She’s only doing HOW MANY campaign rallies for September? What about fund-raisers, is THAT number higher? See for yourself!

It’s already a big problem for Hillary that Trump is packing out stadiums when Hillary and her team of astroturfers can’t even fill high school gymnasiums. (She must be grateful that the media is so careful with their camera angles not to reveal the empty seats.)

Trump’s increased his momentum in September. Through September 15th, or the first half of the month, Trump has held 12 rallies to Clinton’s 4 but his participation blows Hillary’s away. Trump has obtained nearly 55,000 attendees at his events through the first half of the month while Hillary has obtained a meager 1,250 attendees for a ratio of 44 to 1!

In total Trump has 3 times the number of events and 23 times the number of participants at rallies in the first month and a half since the conventions! Trump has 240,000 more participants at his rallies than Hillary in this same time period.
Gateway Pundit

In September, she went to Cleveland, Hampton, Tampa and Greensboro for public events. There were other events categorized as ‘Organizing events’ and ‘foundations’ and ‘fundraisers’. There are no others planned for the rest of the month.

She’s got something scheduled in Sydney Australia (September 18) and something in Vienna, Austria (September 22). They’re listed as fundraisers. Maybe that’s what she’s saving her meager strength for?

It’s bad enough to say that she’s not got the energy to … say … answer that infamous 3 a.m. phone call.

Because when that call came…

No help did.

What are Americans supposed to think when they realize she’s *somehow* got time and energy to visit all kinds of her donors. But none to see the average citizen?

Is she just going to pick up where Obama left off? Would she be another hob knobbing Campaigner-In-Chief, perpetually glomming on to whoever has the big check, and ignoring the people she’s supposed to represent?

That’s what the numbers are telling us.


It’s what Louisiana told us.

And we already KNOW she LOVES that pay-and-play! So OF COURSE there’s no corruption there.

Share if Hillary can’t handle either the WORKLOAD OR The MORAL Responsibility of being President.

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