DISGUSTING: Navy Seals FORCED to Abort Hostage Rescue All Because OBAMA Was …

Published on September 10, 2016

Well, this tells us something about Obama’s priorities, doesn’t it?

An American professor is one of two hostages being held in Afghanistan.

There were two attempts to rescue them by Navy Seals. In the second attempt, the hostages were not on the scene when the Seals arrived.

The first attempt? It was unsuccessful — aborted, actually. Initial reports look like this, so the official story for the aborted rescue looked like just a technical snag.


Before the internet… that’s where the story would have ended.

Unfortunately for Obama, we have the internet.

Breitbart reported that he was busy playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard at the time. The evidence certainly suggests as much. The first mission reportedly took place on Aug. 10, and it was on that day that Obama played golf from 10:30 am to 3:19 pm.

“The mission needed only one more thing: the final go-ahead from the president, authorizing the rescuers to execute,” another source remarked to Ami Newswire. “In one ready room, the radio crackled to life.”

He added, “Instead of delivering the expected verbal green light, though, the voice on the radio gave other news: ‘The president can’t make time on his schedule to give the go-ahead.’”

The President’ can’t make time on his schedule to give the go-ahead.

Can’t. Make. Time.

But then, the good people of Louisiana could have already told you that.

Obama. Golfer-In-Chief.

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