The Disgusting NFL ‘BANS 9/11 Cleats’ – World Trade Center COPS Come To The RESCUE

Published on September 11, 2016

Whoever gives Kaepernick this news, PLEASE get his reaction on camera! It. Will. Be. Priceless!

Avery Williamson got some bad news from the NFL. They told him that if he wears cleats to Commemorate 9/11, he’ll have to pay a $6000 fine.


The NFL was WRONG.

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He CAN wear those cleats. Because he won’t be paying any fine. AT all. Whatever the NFL might say.

The World Trade Center Cops have made sure of that.

The police department responsible for patrolling the World Trade Center site says it will pay the fine given to an NFL player who planned to wear 9/11 memorial cleats on Sunday.

Tennessee Titans linebacker Avery Williamson had planned to wear the shoes, which were blue with white stars, and had red and white stripes coloring a Nike logo, during his team’s season-opening clash with the Minnesota Vikings.

The fancy footwear also had the words, ‘Never forget’, and ‘9.11.01’ on the back of each shoe.
However, the 23-year-old had to shelve his shoe plan after an NFL representative called and informed him he would be breaking league policy by wearing the cleats and would be hit with a fine.
Daily Mail

We will anxiously await the NFL’s explanation for why THIS is ok:

Minnesota Vikings players wear pink shoes during their game. (Jim Mone/Associated Press)
Minnesota Vikings players wear pink shoes during their game. (Jim Mone/Associated Press)

And THIS is NOT.


Just don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

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