FIVE EXCUSES You Should Expect When Blaming ISLAM For The Bombings and The Knife Attacker

Written by Andrew Allen on September 20, 2016

By Deplorable Andrew Allen

New York City and Seaside, New Jersey were bombed while a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota was the forum for a mass-stabbing attack.

The media’s initial response was to denounce Donald Trump for being a racist after he said that the New York bombing was in fact a bombing. Then they pivoted as they always do, away from reality and into their preferred fairy tale world. In that world, we’re supposed to treat Hillary’s response as being sufficient for someone who might become President.

Hillary said we must withhold judgement until “all the facts are in”. That’s right. After playing fast and loose with facts her entire adult life, we are supposed to believe Hillary will turn over a new leaf and discuss these latest terrorist attacks in factual terms? Hillary Clinton couldn’t even treat the American people with respect by acknowledging the fact everyone saw on 9/11 when her “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” incident was captured on video for all to see. How anyone can have an expectation that President Hillary would review the facts and not spin them for her own benefit is beyond me.

Some things we will hear in the coming days:
– That these three attacks prove that we are defeating radical Islam on the battlefield; our success has somehow forced radical jihadists to export the battlefield to the west and that means we’re winning.
– Lone wolves did it. Never mind that there sure seem to be a whole bunch of lone wolves out there these days and they all seem to have a singular purpose in mind.
– We must bring in more Syrian refugees to protect ourselves from future attacks.
– We can’t blame Islam. That’s not who we are and Islam isn’t what caused radical Islamists to carry out attacks.
– Be careful. Don’t let these attacks fan the flames of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia, etc.
And, when Donald Trump states the fact that a radicalized strain of Islam is at the root of these attacks, we’ll hear a chorus from stage left whine about how “dangerous” Donald Trump’s “racist” comments are.

Then the media will promptly shift everyone’s attention away from terror and back towards the chip-on- shoulder grievances that can only be alleviated by a Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Presidency.

America’s day of reckoning is coming quicker than anyone realizes. If we don’t collectively grow up and deal with the terrorist threat in an effective way, we shouldn’t be surprised when the attacks become more sophisticated and lethal.

We’re reaching a point where we can legitimately say we’re bringing these attacks upon ourselves – by way of our own immature, complacent attitude when it comes to terror.

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