FULL RETARD: Sarah Silverman Suggests Hillary Should Receive 1,000 Purple Hearts

By Deplorable Andrew Allen

Comedian* Sarah Silverman threatened Mrs. Clinton with severe bodily harm. In a recent tweet, she essentially said that if Hillary had been a Republican when she gave the order to kill bin Laden, she’d have received “1,000 Purple Hearts” for her service to this nation.

The Purple Heart is awarded for one thing and one thing only and I’m pretty sure that – with the exception of the occasional left-wing trolls – readers here know what the criteria are. So yes, Silverman actually said that but for Hillary’s party affiliation, the Democratic nominee should have been subjected to injury at probably the hands of terrorists since that’s who we are currently at war with.

That’s the only way Hillary could be awarded the Purple Heart.

Before anyone minces words and states that Silverman was simply uninformed, or that she was taken out context, sorry no dice. Donald Trump’s been accused of assassination threats for saying far less.

By the way, why according to Silverman, was the Secretary of State giving kill orders? Wasn’t that Obama’s job?
* I use the term “comedian” loosely in the case of Silverman. She’s a one-dimensional hack at best.

photo credit: by Gage Skidmore; Sarah Silverman & John C. Reilly via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen

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