HEY CNN! Do Your JOB … Hillary’s Smoking Gun FOUND In FBI Release

Published on September 6, 2016

Dick Morris read the FBI release, so you didn’t have to. What he found is hard even for the partisan hacks at the DOJ to ignore… IF it doesn’t get buried.

If your name isn’t Clinton, and you erase (destroy) evidence that’s under subpoena? You get indited and go to jail. Ditto for the people who do so on your behalf.

It’s called “obstruction of justice”.

Hillary went to law school, and should understand that. Just like Obama was a ‘Constitutional Scholar’ and should have understood that many of his edicts violated the Constitution.

What does she have to fear while protected by a partisan DOJ? Well, there’s always the outrage of the public she pretends to serve.

Let’s make sure WE THE PEOPLE know the details!

Hillary’s lapdog media wants to BURY this story, SHARE it everywhere so they won’t be able to!