If HILLARY Is SUCH A Fashion ICON … Why Don’t We Ever See THIS?

Written by Andrew Allen on September 20, 2016

By Deplorable Andrew Allen

Meet the latest version of Hillary “Hard Choices” Clinton. This time around, according to the Washington Post and others, she’s a “fashion icon”.

Umm, okay.

Here’s the deal. I’m a dude. Fashion for me is whichever pair of blue jeans I grab and deciding whether to wear a t-shirt or long sleeves depending on the weather. Whether dressing up like Hillary does in those Star Trek-looking beam-me-up-Scotty pantsuits qualifies Madam Secretary as a fashion icon or not I don’t know and frankly I don’t care.

What I do know is that as I watch the weekend shows featuring all those pundits that decided last week that Hillary was a fashion icon, not a single one of them dresses anything like her. Not a pantsuit worn by any of them. I’d think if Hillary’s sense of fashion was so iconic then Sally Kohn, Rachel Maddow, Mika Brzezinski, Nomiki Konst, Jessica Tarlov, or any one of them would ditch their current swag and join Hillary in dressing like members of the Hale Bopp hippie death cult. There are lots of parallels by the way between modern liberalism and the Hale Bopp hippie death cult, but anyway.

What does being a fashion icon have anything to do with being President of the United States? Nothing of course. And no doubt my asking the question has forced some millennial living in mom’s basement – you know the type, he’s in his ninth year of a four-year degree program in Women’s Studies – to create three dozen or so on-line personas from which he’ll whine about “sexism” all over the internet. It’s probably the most coherent thing he’s done since he scurried down to mom’s basement last week to parrot the line about Hillary “powering through pneumonia” because “that’s what women do” all over cyberspace. Yes, women everywhere are collapsing in the street then rushing over to their daughter’s place to rehydrate because “that’s what women do”, glass ceiling be damned!

Hillary the fashion icon is one more in a long line of attempts to save her campaign from the burning wreck of a Scooby van that it’s become. There have been others.

In the days before Hillary became a fashion icon, the pundits went nuts claiming Trump had made an assassination threat against Hillary after he suggested she disarm her security detail. (These of course were the same pundits that have openly talked in real terms about a Trump assassination and of a military coup against Trump if he gets elected, and had no problem whatsoever with the film Death of a President). When they weren’t rabid about made up death threats, they were losing it over birtherism. That’s right. Birtherism.

Liberals, you and I probably aren’t going to agree on a whole heck of a lot. At least some of you, though, ought to agree that there are serious issues with your ideology when most of you: a) heard Donald Trump say that Obama was born in America, b) denounced that as a racist comment, and then c) promptly sided with the birthers you hate who d) were created by Hillary’s campaign staff in 2008 which e) you pretend never happened. To recap, Trump said Obama was born in America which is a racist thing to say because the birthers were right after all but Trump created them not Hillary Clinton. Yep liberals, you guys got problems.

Just like Michelle Obama’s arms – remember back in 2008 how the press just couldn’t get enough of FLOTUS and her perfectly sculpted arms – the fashion card’s being played for Hillary in an effort to Kardashianize the race. It’s a move made for those voters that don’t know there’s an election right around the corner – yes, such people exist; many of them can be found watching The View. And it’s like the hot sauce Hillary supposedly carries in her purse because she uses it all the time, or that time she was “jus’ chillin’” because that’s what Hillary does, she just sits around chillin’ while Bill drops some dope beats waiting on Cheldizzle to show up with the grandkizzles and the new rims she bought for the rizzi. In other words, it’s one more attempt make Hillary appear personable, which she isn’t.

You can put the ice queen in a pant suit.

You can put the man slut at her side.

Toss in their* daughter and the Senate seat she’ll be appointed to fill** if Hillary’s elected.

Talk all the talk about how fashionable the whole thing is, but fact is Hillary can’t walk the walk. Not as a likeable person. And not as a talented intellect with suitable track record for service as our next President. All the pantsuits in the world can’t make up for Hillary’s disqualifiers.

* Chelsea Clinton sure looks a lot like Webb Hubbell, but I’ll let you the reader define “their” as you wish.

** Kirsten Gillibrand, in a Hillary Clinton administration, would move from the Senate to the Executive Branch.

photo credit: By Gage Skidmore; Hillary Clinton, Mark Kelly, Gabrielle Giffords, Stephen Roe Lewis & Dolores Huerta via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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