HOLY, ASS-KICKIN’ BATMAN: Trump STOMPS Hillary By 19pts With This VIP Group

Published on September 7, 2016

BOOM! Huma, better get the inhaler ready for Hillary! This will certainly give her another freakish ‘allergic reaction’ coughing fit.

Donald Trump has opened up a double-digit lead over Hillary Clinton among registered voters who are active and former military servicemen and women.

A new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll shows the Republican presidential nominee leading his rival by 19 points.

The news comes on the day Trump is set to deliver a speech about military policy, and as the two candidates are sparring over which has the support of more retired generals and admirals.

Fifty-five percent of active and former military members support Trump, while 36 percent back Clinton, according to the new poll, released Wednesday morning.

…And 64 per cent say they lack confidence in Clinton’s ability to be an effective commander-in-chief. Forty-seven percent say the same about Trump.

Military voters also gave Trump a 52-28 edge on his ability to handle veterans issues, a platform that has been part of the Republican’s campaign stump speeches for more than a year.
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This comes just before the first Commander in Chief Forum, hosted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, moderated by Matt Lauer.

Look! Even more good news:

Donald Trump’s campaign is firing on all cylinders.

He’s [sic] message of America First is resonating with millions and millions of Americans who are tired of decades of failed global policies and career politicians, like Hillary Clinton who are on the take.

Trump’s America First message is about placing the needs of ALL AMERICANS over the needs of foreign interests. It’s about returning jobs, safety, and prosperity to America – bringing hope back home, where it belongs.

We all know that independents will decide this election, so this CNN poll is YUGE news for Team Trump!
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Independents are going to make a BIG difference in this election!

Let’s inform those independent voters so they don’t vote for a lyin’ Lardy Hagfish.

Share this with your friends and family in the Military and all of the Independents you know!

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