HYPOCRITES: Leftists TRASH America … While LOVING All Of Its PERKS!

Written by Kenn Daily on September 15, 2016

One of the advantages of being born in 1953 is that I can actually remember when virtually all 1957 Chevys were new and in pristine condition. Of course, I didn’t appreciate the value of the experience at the time.

I can also remember riding on my dad’s shoulders at the Indianapolis Billy Graham crusade in 1959. Totally dependent on my father, I had the vantage point of his perspective.

Again, the value was lost.

Times have changed.

’57 Chevys are now locked away under car covers in garages; seldom seen outside parades and car shows.

Our Christian heritage is likewise smothered under blankets of political correctness.

Meanwhile, Muslims openly pray on our streets in broad daylight.

Times have changed, indeed.

• Earlier this month thousands of Muslims gathered for prayer at the Angel Stadium in Los Angeles. They were celebrating Eid al-Adha (the “Sacrifice Feast”), the holiest event on Islam’s calendar.

A generation earlier such an event was unheard of.

In fact, 31 years ago 61,000 Americans jammed the area’s Anaheim Stadium to hear Billy Graham preach.

As the impact of our nation’s evangelical voice grows dim, the sites and sounds of Islam reverberate increasing louder.

And it’s not just or religion that is fading. Our patriotism is dimming as well.

• Our sites turn to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It was there that the superintendent of Forest Hills Public Schools sent a letter to parents apologizing for the Betsy Ross flag. Students from Forest Hills Central High School displayed the flag at a football game.

Superintendent Daniel Behm reportedly wrote that the flag “symbolizes exclusion and hate, injects hostility and confusion” to some.

In other words, the flag is symbolic of racism; a symbol to be abhorred.

Of course, we saw it coming.

The Confederate flag — once a benign icon of Southern heritage — was vilified after nine innocent parishioners were gunned down in Charlottesville, South Carolina last year.

Racism was the superfluous pretext for demonizing Southern heritage.

Then the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” flag was vilified. The excuse was the same. It is a symbol of racism because Christopher Gadsden, the patriot who designed the flag, was a South Carolina slave owner. Ignored is the fact that William Ellison, South Carolina’s largest slave holder in 1860, was not only black, but was a former slave.

Hardly a whimper of protest was heard from American patriots. The race card, it seems, is the psychological cattle prod utilized by the far left to subdue us to silence. It is incredibly effective.

Emboldened by the silence, the globalist left continues to hammer away at our cultural infrastructure.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick notoriously refused to stand during the Star Spangled Banner. The excuse, again, was racism.

Black high school athletes across the country followed his lead, kneeling on sidelines rather than pay due respect to the sacrifices paid by our forefathers, including such notable black patriots as Crispus Attucks, James Forten, Samuel Wilcox, William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr., Paul Cuffee, and others.

It is a battle between nationalism and globalism. Racism is the ostensible reason to turn our hearts and minds away from respecting our nation.

The National Anthem, they say, will not be honored as long as systemic racism remains ingrained in American culture.

• Endemic racism in America will never be resolved.


Because it’s largely a figment of our imaginations implanted in our minds by cultural Marxism through perennial thought reform.

Consider this: Marxism exist to remedy class conflicts. Where there are no class conflicts, Marxism has no reason for existence. Therefore, cultural Marxism concocts class conflicts to justify its existence.

Cultural Marxism accomplishes this by pitting an imagined proletariat against a concocted bourgeoisie.

In the American paradigm the conflict is expressed as “people of color” (proletariat) pitted against “white privilege” (bourgeoisie).

“People of color” and “white privilege” are only two of the non-existent abstracts invented by cultural Marxism to create the illusion of class struggles where none would exist were it not for their tampering.

Among the bogus thought-reform abstracts utilized by cultural Marxism to create an illusion of class struggle are such words and concepts as:

• Division
• Hostility
• Exclusion
• Confusion
• Ignorance
• Triggering
• Polarizing
• Dog whistle
• Glass ceiling
• People of color
• White privilege
• Systemic racism
• Disparate impact
• Micro aggression
• Critical race theory
• Hate (or hate group)
• “Don’t you know it’s [current year]?”

Note that the above are all abstracts; not reality. You can’t see glass ceilings. You can’t hear dog whistles. They are expressions that invade the mind prompting us to imagine conflicts where none exists.

Read, again, the excerpt from Superintendent Daniel Behm’s letter. Note the mind-reforming abstracts: The flag, he wrote, “symbolizes exclusion and hate, injects hostility and confusion” to some.

There they are: exclusion, hate, hostility, and confusion.

Absent is the reality that all Americans live at the apex of human civilization and enjoy the benefits of Western innovation. Absent, also, is our gratitude to our founders and forefathers for their sacrifices.

There is, after all, a reason why millions desire to seek refuge in America. Were our nation awash in white racism, they would not want to come here.

The introduction of hordes of hostile Muslims into our culture is evident of that fact.


photo credit: by Jeromy; tattered via photopin (license)

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Kenn Daily
Kenn Gividen (aka, Kenn Daily) is the publisher of DailyKenn.com. Now 64 years old, Kenn formed his conservative views at the age of 14 and was an early member of Young Americans for Freedom. He is a vociferous anti-racist but sets himself apart from most conservatives by refusing to be bullied into silence regarding racial issues. Violent black crime is a signature issue of his website. Kenn is a semi-retired business owner. He lives in Indiana with his wife of 40 years. He has two grown children -- a daughter and son -- four grandchildren, and two granddogs.