LYNCH CHEERS MOB: AG Shows Her REAL ‘Commitment’ To Rule Of Law

Published on September 23, 2016

It’s a good thing you represent ALL Americans in your that AG job you’re busy politicizing!!

President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch — a veritable member or the Clinton mafia — has shown her true colors once again by siding with the lawless rioters in Charlotte, NC and against law enforcement.

After the terrorist attacks over the weekend in New York and New Jersey, Obama implored the public not to jump to conclusions. Apparently, this courtesy is extended by his administration to radical Islamists but not to American law enforcement.

Lynch told the primarily black protesters — who have brutally and specifically attacked white people, looted businesses, and behaved like animals in the streets — “We hear your voices and we feel your pain.”
Federalist Papers

You feel the pain, Loretta? A crowd burns down its city after a man is shot under what might still possibly turn out to be JUSTIFIABLE circumstances?

A group bankrolled by the BIGGEST Democrat Sugar Daddy (Soros) riots and burns and her first instinct is to side WITH the violence?

What OTHER pain do you feel?

The family of the guy who was shot dead by one of the ‘Protesters’?

The pain of the unconscious photographer who was rescued by police from a mob intent on stuffing him into a burning trash can?

The white guy beaten in the parking garage… because he was white?

The various cops who were injured?

The shopkeepers whose livelihood was destroyed?

The people who used to WORK in those destroyed businesses?

Nope. None of those things matter.

Because she’s got an agenda to push.

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