MAJOR US City Is Nearing COLLAPSE… Will CITIZENS Stand Back, Or Step UP?

Written by Rob Morse on September 10, 2016

Who you gonna call when there is no superman?

Chicago is dying, and we are the first responders. Honest citizens are the first people at the scene of the crime. They are the first people to defend the innocent. Ordinary citizens like us are also there as the intended victims, as witnesses or defenders. Think about it. There is no superman who arrives faster than a speeding bullet. We ask the police to protect us, but it is only once the crime is over that the police are even notified. That is when the clock starts ticking… and the police then take minutes of hours to arrive. The results are entirely predictable. We don’t need superman because we are already at the wrong place and the wrong time. We are there, and it is up to us.

President Obama’s home town is the best example. Chicago gangs wounded or killed three thousand people this year. They shot another 52 people over Labor Day weekend. Chicago police make arrests in only 16 percent of the fatal gun-related homicides. The Chicago PD makes arrests in only 4 percent of the non-fatal shootings. As shocking as that may seem, the arrest rates for armed robbery and aggravated assault are even lower. Let me unfold those numbers for you. On average, Chicago thugs will murder 6 people before being arrested by police. Chicago gang members will shoot and wound 25 people before being arrested. Being arrested does not guarantee that the criminal will be convicted and taken off the street. The police are doing all they can. I’m sorry, but the painful truth is we are the first responders and the only solution left.

That isn’t what Chicago politicians say. Political hacks have a bag full of excuses when they talk to the press. Chicago politicians and city leaders blame everyone but themselves for their failing city and its soaring crime rate. The politicians blame the economy. The press never asks why the economy causes the extreme levels of crime in Illinois, but not in other states. Chicago politicians blame global warming, but global warming doesn’t cause violent crime in a similarly sized city like Houston, Texas. Chicago politicians blame guns, but guns in nearby states don’t cause crime like they do in Chicago. The problem is Chicago itself.

The problem is Chicago politicians who drove out businesses, where unemployment has soared, where fatherless boys are the rule, and where drug gangs have grown in number and wealth. Chicago politicians built these problems with their failed policies. Chicago citizens keep those politicians in office and keep the thugs on the street.

Socialist politicians even blame honest gun owners, though gun owners walking the public streets with concealed carry licenses are more law abiding than the police. Chicago politicians pass laws that make it harder for a poor single mom to defend herself while the thugs still have their guns. It isn’t the honest gun owners who are shooting up the hood. Unlike the political hacks in Chicago, I trust my neighbors as they drive down the street in their car, and also my neighbors with a gun.

Let me say what the socialist politicians are afraid to say. You are not the problem. Honest citizens are the vast majority even in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago. You are the solution. Honest citizens are the solution and always have been. Chicago will continue to hollow out and sink into decay unless these honest citizens act. They can’t change Chicago by doing what they’ve always done. They can turn out the corrupt politicians who have destroyed jobs in Chicago. They can turn their backs on corrupt political business as usual. They can save their families, their children and their neighborhoods. Ordinary citizens can make their neighborhood safe again… even in Chicago.

It is up to them. It is up to us. There is no one else.

Image:; Martin Niese

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