OMG: New UPI Voter Polls SHOWS This Candidate Is Up in VA, FL, IA, OH, NC and PA

Published on September 27, 2016

From ‘not even close’ to ‘dead heat’ — both teams are fighting like dogs for every little scrap. One team will Love this latest poll. One won’t.

Critics on both sides of the aisle were writing Trump off when Hillary had that ten point lead.

At this rate she’d be happy with ANY lead. Check out how the tables have turned:

    These are the All-important SWING STATES, too!

Pennsylvania: Trump up by one.

Ohio: Trump up by one.

: Trump up by two.

Iowa: Trump up by two.

North Carolina
: Trump up by three. (!)

Virginia: Trump up by four.

We have no confirmation yet as to whether Hillary’s campaign officials are actually breathing into paper bags.

This is the kind of news CNN has ‘trouble’ finding. Let’s ‘help them out’ by getting it out there!