POISONING AMERICA: Violence, Evil, and The Democratic Party

Written by Paul Hair on September 25, 2016

Democratic voters commit crimes and murders over fictional injustices. Parents and schools abuse children and indoctrinate them into deviancy. The highest levels of American power condemn law-abiding citizens and vow to destroy them. Do you think America will find a simple resolution to this? Not a chance. Violence and evil are the new normal.

Riots fill the streets of another American city. The Democrat-Media Complex watches with glee and laughs. It has successfully used a lie to create more bloodshed.

Some Americans beg for the chaos to stop. They say they want the nation to “come together again.” But that’s impossible. The United States cannot unite. And that’s because half the nation wants the division and madness.

Decades of influence operations by the communist-run Democrat-Media Complex have convinced many Americans to join the side of evil. They hate the foundational United States and they want to eliminate the last traces of it. And anyone who thinks it will be easy to stop their violence and evil is delusional. After all, they now control the U.S.

Think I’m wrong? Then consider this.

Any nation that wasn’t in the grips of evil wouldn’t tolerate a man who attacked law-abiding citizens with the IRS. It wouldn’t tolerate a man who tyrannically destroyed its health-care system. Nor would it tolerate a man working to overthrow the nation with foreigners.

It wouldn’t tolerate a man who condemns its good parts and praises its filth. It wouldn’t tolerate a man who backs a black supremacist domestic terrorist group. And it certainly wouldn’t tolerate a man who wages a War on Reality—a war that includes sexually mutilating and abusing children, and forcing men into women’s bathrooms.

Yet America has tolerated (and even embraced) Barack Obama and all of the terrible things he has done. Furthermore, it may elect a woman just like him as his successor.

Do you still believe I’m wrong about evil people controlling America?

And no debate will ever convince them to change. Tweeting bromides about wanting peace and wanting people to come together won’t change anything either.

So get used to the violence and evil you see every day. Half the nation embraces what is happening. And no leader has yet proposed any serious plans to defeat it.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at http://www.liberateliberty.com/. Contact him at paul@liberateliberty.com if you are interested in his professional services.