‘Poor Immigrant’ MASTURBATES In Public Because ‘He Couldn’t Afford …

Published on September 8, 2016

Awwww! Bet you’ll feel REALLY bad for this guy. It’s hard being a migrant. No home, no job, no money. It’s lonely. Very, very lonely.

Be careful if you’re in Swansea.

Especially here:

An Iraqi migrant caught masturbating in the centre of Swansea in broad daylight said he did it because he could no longer afford prostitutes.

On trial for outraging public decency, Fershid Halmat Hemdadi admitted carrying out the lewd action in front of members of the public but disputed that the incident took place in a public place.

Hemdadi claimed his actions, which he heard in court were “obscene” and “disgusting”, came after women in a passing car “seduced” him.

The court heard that the Iraqi, who claimed to be 23 but gave the court three different ages, had asked a woman for a cigarette before wandering into a public lane next to Primark and McDonald’s, where he was sighted with his hands down his trousers.

When confronted by council employee Alex Dubens, who asked Hemdadi if he’d been masturbating, the Iraqi said “yes but I did not finish” and explained he was forced to do it there because he “didn’t have anywhere else to go”…

…The Iraqi told the court: “I used to have money and I paid for sex, but I don’t, I’m sleeping on the streets.”

Hemdadi, who is seeking asylum in the UK, explained that he fled Iraq for his safety after being released early from a 25-year prison sentence in his homeland.

The asylum seeker was found guilty of outraging public decency and will be sentenced on September 21.
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So, the women in the car ‘seduced’ him.

How’s that exactly? By being women?

How much you want to bet Progressives will start a movement for Migrants to get prostitutes?

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