PRIVILEGED WEINER: Anthony Is PROOF That Hillary’s Friends Get ‘Special’ Treatment

Written by Andrew Allen on September 27, 2016

Anthony Weiner is the king of white privilege. Pay attention everyone; look at who we are talking about. Weiner
is Huma Abedin’s man. Yes, they might be on the outs now. But she stuck with him for a very long time. (Heaven help us if Hillary is elected and Huma moves into the White House*, he’ll be there too guaranteed). What was he doing all that time?

He was sexting with other women.

He was posting boner pics on-line with his infant child right beside his manhood. (At least one retired New York City Detective I’m familiar with has suggested that alone would be grounds for police intervention).

In the latest revelations, Anthony Weiner engaged in on-line sexual relations with a 15-year old girl.


In the real world, that’s called pedophilia. It normally results in extensive prison sentences in places where felons don’t take kindly to pedophiles.

But again, who are we talking about? We’re talking about a man literally one step apart from Hillary Rodham Clinton, via his marriage to Abedin.

Is that why, instead of seeing Anthony Weiner being dragged out of his Manhattan suite like the sack of dog turds he is by New York’s finest, instead we get the line that “the feds are investigating”? Aside from boner pics with an infant and an inappropriate relationship with a kid who might have been in middle school for all we know, what more does the earth sack have to do in order for handcuffs to be applied to his wrists? Heck, according to the media, black men are being gunned down like wild game for far less.

But again, remember who it is. The feds did a whole lot of investigating when it came to Hillary’s server and look how that turned out. I guess it’s good to be a Democrat.

* Yes, plans call for Abedin to live in the White House either as Hillary’s Chief of Staff or in some manufactured position via which she’ll serve as Hillary’s at home caregiver which she does now on the campaign trail.

photo credit: by David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott;; Anthony Weiner of Twitter crotch photo fame via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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