WUSSIFICATION: Dems Call Lauer ‘Biased & Sexist’ For Calling BS On Hillary’s LIES

Published on September 8, 2016

Could it be the questions only SEEM harsh when contrasted against her other tough questions like ‘how was your weekend?’

Matt Lauer has been labeled a ‘morning show lightweight’ by furious political pundits after he failed to grill Donald Trump on his claim he never supported the Iraq War during a Commander in Chief Forum on Wednesday night – but relentlessly questioned Hillary over her private email scandal.

The NBC Today show host was accused of going too easy on Trump when the Republican candidate repeated his claim to have always ‘totally opposed the Iraq war’, when in fact he supported an invasion during a 2002 Howard Stern interview.

Instead of stopping Trump in his tracks during the session at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan, Lauer accepted his answer and immediately moved onto the next question – even though Clinton had told him during her interview beforehand that Trump had backed the war.

Lauer questioned Clinton for almost seven minutes of a 30 minute segment over her emails, many times talking over before demanding she only briefly touch on other important topics such as ISIS.

‘Lauer interrupted Clinton’s answers repeatedly to move on. Not once for Trump,’ wrote respected Capitol Hill watcher Norman Ornstein on Twitter, adding: ‘Tough to be a woman running for president.’

Indeed, the problem for many was that while Lauer seemed to aggressively question Clinton during the first segment of the forum, his questions to Trump were softer, weaker and open-ended, allowing Trump to ignore them or power through unscathed.

Democrats accused Lauer of ‘wasting time’ on a topic that has been discussed throughout the election, and then attempting to hurry Clinton along on later topics, insisting there was not enough time.

Matthew Gertz wrote on Twitter: ‘Maybe if Matt Lauer hadn’t spent 13 minutes on emails there’d be more time for ISIS.’

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We get that the left is ready to coronate Queen Hillary, and find any obstacle to her highness an affront to their sensibilities. But that doesn’t obligate the rest of us to roll out the red carpet for her.

Could it be that Lauer asked hard questions because his OWN credibility was under scrutiny because of the close associations (which Clashdaily covered) he has with the Clinton Foundation?

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