QUESTION: Is Hillary A STRONG Christian Or Satan’s Twin Sister?

Published on September 9, 2016

Or does that depend on what the definition of ‘is’ is?


“Some of you know this story. She was a Midwestern Methodist church kid. Now, I know a lot of those Midwestern Methodist church kids growing up. And there is a beautiful sense of duty,” said Kaine, according to a transcript sent to The Christian Post by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“I think a lot of you know Hillary very well, either from her time in Arkansas, her time as first lady, her time as senator, time as secretary of state. That Methodist connection, that beautiful sense of duty, the obligation to others, that is the root of everything she does.”

Kaine also told those gathered about how Clinton’s youth pastor took her to Chicago to see Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “who talked to her about migrant worker issues beyond what she had experienced.”

“And then that opened her up to the fact that there were issues out there that she needed to grapple with. So as a law student, she went to work for Marian Wright Edelman at the Children’s Defense Fund,” continued Kaine.

“She went to Dothan, Alabama to expose and investigate school segregation after she graduated. She went to Yale. She could have gone to Wall Street. She could have gone anywhere, but she went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund to defend the right of young people in South Carolina’s juvenile justice system.”

There are many, many others that would disagree with Tim Kaine:

Some, including Mark Tooley of the Institute on Religion & Democracy, have argued that Hillary’s convictions are more focused on secular endeavors than religious practice.

In a piece published by The Christian Post last September, Tooley argued that Hillary’s Methodist beliefs were centered more on the “Social Gospel”, which stresses secular improvement of society over evangelism and orthodoxy.

“To my knowledge, Hillary has not been a regular churchgoer since leaving the White House 14 years ago, although daughter Chelsea was married by a Methodist clergy in New York, whose congregation may be a sort of home church for the Clintons,” wrote Tooley.

“But active church participation is not central for the Social Gospel, which focuses on transforming society, not saving individual souls.”
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Deep Christian belief? Like the kind that gave us this headline?

Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church at Age Six Over Abortion

‘Deep Christian belief’ does not shield a man for personal gain when he’s called a sexual predator by numerous accusers.

‘Deep Christian Belief’ does not support groups that relentlessly encroach on religious freedoms.

If her ‘deep belief’ were Christian, it would insist on not pitting one group against another for political advancement.

It would not make backroom deals with potentates of nations who kill people for converting to Christianty or any other non-Muslim religion.

Let’s face it. Her only gods are power and wealth. Everything else is a pawn in the game.

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