QUESTION: Should Trump Mention Bill’s SEX SCANDALS If Hillary Brings Up ‘WOMEN’S RIGHTS?’

Published on September 20, 2016

At the debate, will we see an intense exchange of ideas, or a bare-knuckle street fight? And which one are you HOPING to see?

Trump, who slashed through his GOP opponents one-by-one in televised debates during the primaries, said he’ll decide on the spot whether to launch personal attacks on Hillary Clinton based on whether she treats him with ‘respect.’

‘I have absolutely no idea. I think this. If she treats me with respect, I will treat her with respect. It really depends,’ Trump said.

‘People ask me that question, ‘oh you’re going to go out there and do this and that. I really don’t know that. You’re going to have to feel it out when you’re out there. She’s got to treat me with respect. I’m going to treat her with respect. I’d like to start off by saying that because that would be my intention,’ he said.

One longtime Clinton advisor isn’t so sure Trump will unilaterally disarm when it comes to Lewinsky.
‘You can’t put it beyond Trump that Monica Lewinsky will play a role in this debate,’ former Clinton and White House counsel Greg Craig told Politico in August.

…At several stages in the campaign, Trump has brought up Lewsinsky, Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broderick, Whitewater, the death of former Clinton aide Vince Foster, and other 90s era scandals and allegations.

Trump brought up Lewinsky in January during the primaries.

After Hillary Clinton said Trump had a ‘penchant for sexism,’ Trump called Bill Clinton ‘one of the great woman abusers of all time.’

A lot of things happened that were very seedy. He was impeached for heaven’s sake,’ Trump said of Bill Clinton’s tenure in the White House.
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Is there any question about whether Hillary will take the high road? Look at her ‘basket of deplorables’ rant. She’s calling Trump sexist. That’s NOT a road Hillary wants to go down.

Here’s why:

It’s what she says ‘Should’ happen.

But that doesn’t line up very well with how she PERSONALLY acted. She has skeletons in her closet that really DOESN’T want to bring into the conversation:

Especially if she thinks that she has some sort of a ‘right’ to women’s votes simply because of biology.

Throwing multiple women under the bus (Bimbo eruptions!) to protect her family’s political ambitions is NOT a ‘Feminist value’… whatever ‘wave’ of Feminism you pretend to represent.

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