REPORT: Guess Who Has The Better SEX Life – Conservatives Or Liberals?

Published on September 5, 2016

Well, no WONDER they are grumpy all the time! It finally makes sense!

Those who consider themselves as “very right wing” are more likely to have a satisfactory sex life, according to a new European survey by YouGov that interviewed over 19,000 people.

“There are obviously numerous factors that might explain an individual’s sexual happiness and this study does not suggest that changing your political views would make you happier in bed (or on the stairs, on the kitchen floor, in the shower and on the backseat of the car),” said YouGov’s head of political and social research, Joe Twyman to Buzzfeed News.

The old rules about correlation not equalling causation always apply. Being very right wing doesn’t make you sexually satisfied, but nonetheless, these results suggest it is, in contrast to at least some stereotypes popular in the political world, those on the very right of the political spectrum who enjoy their sex life the most – and that this finding is true across a number of different European countries.

Nineteen THOUSAND is NOT a small sample size.

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