UNBELIEVABLE: Guess WHAT Minneapolis Star Tribune BLAMES For St. Cloud Mass Stabbing by ISIS Soldier

Published on September 21, 2016

Is it because he can’t have a Bacon Cheeseburger? Probably not. What would uber-leftists blame it on? Well, of course, it would be…

…local anti-Muslim sentiment!

He felt persecuted and nobody hugged him.

He needed to stab people to assert his Islamic identity.

And HE needs to be the victim.

Oh, you crazy lefties!

Just hours after a young Somali immigrant stabbed nine people at a shopping mall in St. Cloud, a mid-sized town in central Minnesota, the far-Left Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article hinting that the suspect may have been inspired by “anti-Muslim tensions.” The article was later scrubbed and replaced with a new article that directly raised the question of whether the attack by Dahir Adan was motivated by previous anti-Muslim incidents in the city.

Last night I reported here at PJ Media on the stabbing attack and the reports from local St. Cloud police that the suspect, who at that time hadn’t been named, had made references to “Allah” and asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim.

Earlier today, family members named Dahir Adan, a local Somali man who came to the United States 15 years ago and was a junior at St. Cloud State University, as the attacker.

But at 2:42 p.m. today, Pat Pheifer of the Star Tribune published an article, now removed and replaced on the newspaper’s website, titled “Anti-Muslim Tension Isn’t New in St. Cloud.”

I screen captured the article before it was scrubbed and replaced.
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Does that article even make sense?

‘Hey, there are lots of people who are not embracing diversity and it’s been really rough for Muslims here in St. Cloud. Look at all these terrible things the bad Minnesotans have been doing to these poor, innocent immigrants. The Bullying! The shouting! The license plates! One weird case of pig intestines! And this poor, poor innocent Muslim was just pushed over the edge. He had to resort to STABBING PEOPLE.’

Ummm… yeah.

That makes total sense.

Maybe it’s ‘Progressive’ logic.

We ‘Deplorables’ just wouldn’t get it.

Share if Dahir Adan wasn’t one of the victims in St. Cloud; the people he stabbed were the real vicitms