WATCH: 4-Star General Says, ‘Generals Who DISAGREE With Obama Are Asked To …

Published on September 9, 2016

Imagine Dubya was still in office… Then read the General’s quote… Now imagine how the media would report it.

What would be different?

“It’s also a fact that a number of our general officers, not all of them but a number of them, were asked to leave before what would normally be accepted as the routine tenure for that particular position, and General Mattis is a case in point who had very strong views on Iran. Most of us agree with those views but I know the administration did not agree with them. General Flynn, who you know very well and had on your show, was an outspoken proponent for understand radical Islam, how dangerous this particular threat was and was trying to communicate that, he was not able to server out his full tenure. So yes, that’s another fact that we can substantiate, that there were generals who did leave earlier than what their tenure would be and the characteristic they all shared together is they did disagree with the administration on various points.”

Dubya would be accused of purging dissenting voices that would give a more well-rounded view of a situation. He would be accused of filling high office with flunkies and hacks who would parrot the administration’s official positions, and never give a dissenting opinion.

He would be accused of politicizing the military.

And any failures that happened on his watch would be blamed on exactly these problems.

We’re entirely confident that our even-handed official media is deeply concerned about the lives of American servicemen and women in harm’s way… and they would never play politics with such a situation. And they are completely impartial.

So we can expect this to be on the CNN tonight. Right?

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