WATCH: Check Out What Muslims THREATEN If Trump Wins

Published on September 5, 2016

Would it surprise you to learn this threat came from Dearborn-istan, Michigan?

And in that case, what *exactly* are they threatening will happen if HILLARY wins?

Muslims are threatening to leave if Trump becomes President. Apparently, this crowd doesn’t understand that threatening someone involves promising a consequence the other guy wants to avoid.

They want to go to Canada.

If someone hates America so badly that you will leave if the other guy becomes President, you didn’t really appreciate what made it America in the fist place. So, if you really want to leave, nobody’s stopping you.

This is true for ANYONE hellbent on leaving. It could be race, religion, Hollywood actors, self-important millionaires — even Michael Moore — if you dislike America so badly, there’s the door.

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