Watch: Cruz Explains His Change Of Heart Regarding Trump (Shocking)

Published on September 24, 2016

There was no love lost between Trump and Cruz during the campaign to be the Republican Nominee, so the sudden turnaround leaves many asking questions. The primary one being, ‘How did this happen?’

After all the name-calling and vitriol, and Cruz refusing to endorse him at the Convention, what finally changed Ted’s mind?


For Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), the decision to endorse Republican nominee Donald Trump wasn’t an easy one.

Although for the former Republican presidential nominee’s supporters the decision seemed to be sudden and rash, Cruz told KTRK-TV Friday that the decision to support Trump didn’t come as a result of a political deal, but rather it came after several months of thought and prayer.

“There were no deals,” Cruz told the news station. “We had been engaged in conversations. You know it’s been a decision as I said I’ve been thinking about and praying about for weeks and months, discussing it with my family, and I made the decision today and announced it Friday.”…

…“I don’t believe I could in good conscience look my kids in the eyes and say I sat by [and let Clinton win],” Cruz told the newspaper.
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Will this make a difference in the election?

Will Cruz supporters rally behind Trump now?

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